3 tier Security & Surveillance

3 tier Security & Surveillance

Safety & Compliance are amongst the foremost concerns for IndeCampus. For students and parents alike safety ranks amongst the topmost concerns while choosing a residency. A 3 tier security set up with perimeter security by security guards, 45+ CCTV cameras across the entire campus, smart card controlled access to rooms and resident-exclusive areas keeps the campus safe and makes it the most safety compliant residency in the country.


Health, Strength , Conditioning & Stamina

A state of the art gym centre with a full time instructor. Health is a non negotiable. Along with wholesome nutrition IndeCampus offers its residents the access to its gym centre that’s equipped with the latest instrument required to stay fit & under the due guidance of an instructor.

Learning & Development

Learning & Development

IndeCampus recognises that a part of the academics is about marrying learning with on ground industry practices. The modern & tech equipped AV room allows student preparing for higher exams to attend online sessions or be a part of industry connect lectures or book reading sessions that add up to the value of their academics.

Events & Performances

IndeCampus is about the other half of your academics. Events & performances are amongst the most important part of the inde Life here. So whether it’s solo tiger songwriter performances, comic stand up sessions or Improv acts or just full blown concerts, IndeCampus has it all stored up for a years calendar.

Other Facilities & Amenities

As part of your stay there are other important amenities that indeCampus offers that are make us the first choice in student residency across.

WIFI IndeCampus is a WIFI enabled campus that allows unhindered web access to all its residents at all times. So whether it’s studies at your room, a research at the reading room, streaming music at the gym or just browsing at the 24x7 cafeteria, our WIFI coverage spans the whole campus. With compliment TRANSPORTATION Transportation forms an important function at all IndeCampus locations. With their proximity to leading educational hubs, we offer pick and drop facility for students on all working days in our own fleet of buses. Cab facility is additionally available for students who stay late in the campus for their academic work. Luxurious Accommodations SPORTS ARENA Sports is an important part of the inde Life at the campus. A full acre sports arena dedicated to outdoor sports like cricket, football & basketball is a part of the IndeCampus facility. Regular sports events are conducted in partnership with leading sports organisations across the country. Luxurious Accommodations READING & LOUNGING ROOM There are times when you need to break away from your academics and take a delved break. Our reading & lounging room allows you that sumptuous break between academics and helps you take your mind off it just for leisure. The reading room offers publications and a library of contemporary releases. Luxurious Accommodations FREE UNLIMITED LAUNDRY An important part of top notch housekeeping is a hygienic and modern laundry system that allows the resident students unlimited and free access to it. Luxurious Accommodations HOUSEKEEPING Very premium standards of housekeeping are ensured at the IndeCampus premises. Regular cleaning of the rooms & floors and all other major amenities is undertaken daily by a professionally trained staff of housekeepers. Hygiene standards are set by the estate management team inside the student residency premises and are checked from time to time. Luxurious Accommodations