Nestled in the lap of the verdant Doon valley, IndeCampus Doon is the first of the many properties to soon dot the Indian education map. Established with the passionate aim of changing the scape of the Indian student residency, IndeCampus Doon offers premium housing and residency for students of Dehradun. In a few words, Indecampus is the other side of academics. So if it’s the worry of a safe campus, or the anxiety of getting the right amenities, food & nutrition , fun or recreation, IndeCampus is the answer to any students first choice of accommodation.

Rooms. Space Optimised, Hygienic & Modern

Rooms and their quality leave a lot to be desired when it comes to student residencies in India. IndeCampus Doon offers students the global standards in accommodation. Rooms enabled with swipe cards for safety, attached restrooms and high quality storage functions. Rooms that offer the choice of an air conditioned environ or a without. Rooms that are vibrantly functional and offer the comfort & space that one student needs.

Food & Amenities

Food is a constant worry when it comes to student residencies and one of the most important
things to choose from as well while looking for a residency. Food very often is what distinguishes a premier residency from a mediocre one. IndeCampus associates itself with a star hospitality service that design daily food menus based on a nutritionists’ plan. Besides that bringing variety through weekend food festivals by known chefs, a 24×7 cafeteria and a lounge reading room are only some of the perks of being an IndeCampus student.

Other Facilities

IndeCampus fulfils its promise of being a global standards facility with a round the clock surveillance system with three layer security that makes the facility safe. CCTV networks ensure that every part of the facility is seen over the security desks manning it. Besides that a state of the art gymnasium , free laundry services and 24×7 wifi access makes Indecampus a tech enabled facility that deploys technology for it’s futuristic vision.


Some glimpses

Experience IndeCampus Doon

People, places and happenings

Live Kitchen

The unique flavours you will find in our live kitchen will bring you one step closer to feeling like a global citizen. You can grab a quick croissant on mornings or sit down for an exceptional full course dinner at the weekend festival, IndeCampus offers it all.

Smart Rooms

A room needs to be more than just an assortment of furniture. What’s more, the most thoughtfully designed of spaces can evoke a whole range of emotions in those who experience it. Thats why IndeCampus invests itself in smart & optimised spaces that give you the global experience of premiumness.

State of the Art Gym

An instructor led state of the art gymnasium for the new age students who believe that great health is an important facet of wholesome education. IndeCampus offers a facility that allows you to train your body and your mind.

Professional Housekeeping Staff

A trained and accredited housekeeping staff maintains the premises of indecampus. Hygiene, Cleanliness and Sanitation form the bedrock of the standards that the facility aims to achieve and preserve.


Proximity and location is one of the unique features of any IndeCampus facility. Located around major institutions, the facility offers pick up & drop facilities to its inmates with it’s private fleet of AC Buses.

Safety & Surveillance

A safe and a compliant property IndeCampus invests into the latest technology to have eyes in every part of the campus. A network of CCTV cameras is put up around the campus to give the property the cloak of safety and assurance.


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