Student boarding in India has rarely ever been a pleasant experience. Dilapidated structures, poor designs, scant regard for safety from hazards & extremely low optimisation of space and facilities has been a hallmark of the Indian student boarding scape. In the wispy recollections of memories from academics, boarding is spoken of and remembered with least fondness or regard. In hindsight it still exists in our memories as the one thing that we could change. Or the one thing that could have been better! And while the standards of education have consistently gone up, student boardings still exist in colonial conditions.


IndeCampus aims to lead the change in the student boarding infrastructure in the country by deploying cutting edge technology to achieve safe & complaint properties with exemplary space designs, proximity to institutions and global standards of recreation to deliver a premium, scalable & sustainable residential experience to students

We aim to change the way student boarding is looked at in the country and deploy modern technology to deliver...

The assurance of Safety, Security & Hygiene by being regulation compliant

Optimum space designs for a vibrant & immersive environment

Proximity to the institutions and
locational ease

Global standards of recreation and learning to supplement wholesome academics

A premium boarding experience for students that is easily sustainable & easily scalable

A measurable change in the entire experience of student boarding to make it memorable & enjoyable

  • Ask students what they look for in a boarding and you will get a million different answers

  • For some its a place where they can learn in silence and sculpt their futures

  • For others its a place where they can have the fun of their live

  • Some visualise it as a place where they can make new friends and have diverse experiences

And yet for others its that private abode where they can be one with their thoughts

At IndeCampus we understand that for each student a boarding or residency may have different meanings. And that’s why we put years of experience and passion to work so that each student gets the experience that he truly deserves by providing a safe, secure, truly global & fun filled environs.

A premium place for all students as their first choice.

And yet with all this, IndeCampus is the place that allows students to explore and express themselves outside the bounds of academics. To share experiences & learning. To ideate & create without limitations.

A place where memories are created for a lifetime.